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Probate Matters

In Massachusetts, the probate and family courts handle a broad range of legal concerns in the general categories of family law (divorce, adoption, paternity, etc.) and probate matters, such as:
  • The distribution of property and assets in an Estate in accordance with the Will (if there is one) or the law (when a person dies intestate, or without a Will)
  • The proper administration of Trusts and Estates, including settling all debts and tax liabilities
  • Accusations that an Executor (now known as a Personal Representative) has failed in his or her fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the heirs or beneficiaries of an Estate
  • The appointment of a Guardian or Conservator for minor children and mentally ill, aged and infirm or physically disabled adults
Whether you are the Personal Representative, formerly known as Executor of an Estate and you need experienced legal guidance in fulfilling your legal and ethical duty, or a family member in need of assistance to protect the health, safety and legal rights of a minor or at-risk adult, the capable Chelmsford probate attorneys at Kurland & Grossman, P.C., can help.

The Value of Experience in Probate Matters
Founded in 1979, our firm has an almost unmatched level of experience and familiarity with the full range of legal matters addressed in Massachusetts probate and family courts.

This level of knowledge is an invaluable asset in developing a proactive and thoroughly developed strategy for helping our clients meet immediate legal challenges head-on while advancing long-term goals.
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